Anamu Plant Benefits

Are you one of the few who are not aware of the Anamu health benefits? It is a bit of a new phenomenon, although it has been around for quite a while (at least since the 1700’s). Perhaps you have heard of its other names: Petiveria alliacea (its Latin name), guinea henweed, tipi, garlic weed, mucura, or guine.

Anamu Plant Benefits Background

The Anamu plant is originally an indigenous plant from the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of South and Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean. It has made its way over to America, favoring Florida and southern Texas.

The Anamu plant itself has leathery, dark green leaves that stay close to the ground and above has tall spikes surrounded by tiny white flowers that almost look like they float atop the leaves.

How can something sound so beautiful yet not have a very appealing name? Because one of its names –garlic weed- is what it smells like. It has the strong garlic odor from the Anamu leaf but especially around the roots.

The History of Anamu Plant Benefits

A bit of history: The Anamu plant benefits are something the tribes in the Amazonian rainforest used to ward against witchcraft by the Indians. What is Anamu used for? They used it as part of an herbal bath for both its medicinal and magical powers. In addition, the Anamu plants were used to treat headaches (externally), rheumatic and various other forms of pain, and it was a great remedy for an insecticide. Both, the leaves and the Anamu root, are beneficial to your health.  Anamu for cancer treatment has had quite a bit of promising results.

Fast forward to today: The Anamu plant benefits have been found to do so much more the longer it has been around! Thanks to chemists and biologists, they have been able to discover over 1,400 extracts from this plant, and most of the extracts can be used towards something good.

For example, just some of the Anamu plant’s benefits and herbal properties and actions include:

  • It enhances immunity
  • It has been proven to kill leukemia cells
  • It reduces pain
  • It has been proven to kill cancer cells
  • It kills certain bacteria
  • It increases urination
  • It reduces free radicals
  • It kills fungi
  • It prevents certain tumors
  • It kills Candida
  • It reduces inflammation

In other countries, the Anamu plant benefits are used in many different ways. In Brazil, it is used as an herbal medicine, it is a diuretic, stimulant, and antispasmodic, menstrual and sweat promoter. In Central and South America, Anamu plant benefits are used to treat coughs, colds, influenza, pulmonary and respiratory infections, immune system booster, and cancer. And in Cuba, the entire plant has been has been decocted and used for anti-inflammatory treatment, diabetes, and of course, cancer.

America uses Anamu plant benefits, also. In addition to the uses above:

  • It reduces anxiety
  • It increases perspiration
  • It reduces spasms
  • It can be used as a sedative
  • It reduces fever
  • It can promote menstruation
  • It can lower blood sugar
  • It is used to expel worms

The Anamu plant benefits seem to be limitless. Many people will use the entire herb to infuse themselves with, and the Anamu plant can come in capsule form in a one to three gram dose to be taken daily.

Of course not all people should take this miraculous drug, and should look at some potential side effects from it, but one can honestly say that this Anamu herb that has been found was definitely placed on Earth to help us.

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  1. My grandmother used to take the leaves and put them in the blender add a little bit of water and drink the juice. She drank one to two ounces every morning. My grandmother had colon and liver cancer. It killed all of the cancer cells and she lived until the age of 92. Cancer free.

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