Anamu Uses

Anamu uses have come into a certain level of recent prominence due to the belief that it has healing qualities that extend as far as cancer. It is known by many different names throughout the world. Guinea hen weed, kojo root, garlic weed, chasser vermine, gully root, apacina and hierba de las gallinitas are just a few of the varied names Anamu goes by, depending on which region of the world it is found within.

The plant has a strong scent of garlic, especially around the roots. The leaves and stems are considered to have the strongest medicinal properties and often used in different extracts to treat certain disorders.

Anamu Uses Origins

The Anamu uses first began usage in the Amazon rain forest, where natives would use the herbs in their bathing rituals. They believed this would protect them against witchcraft. In Guatemala and Peru, Anamu uses have been known for both sinusitis and common colds and flu. In addition, Guatemalans prepare a liquor by heating the plant, which is then given to patients who are suffering from fevers, digestion issues, or those who are having muscle pain. Indigenous Nicaraguans also employ Anamu for colds and coughs, as well a belief in magic.

In the tropical countries where it grows, Anamu has a long, storied history of use, whether by shamans or folk healers. In many Central American countries, it is given to women to ease the pain of childbirth or in different circumstances, bring about an abortion. Brazilian herbalists use the plant as a diuretic, as well as an agent to induce sweating and menstruation.

Anamu Uses and Treatments

Larger cities in Central and South America regularly give patients who are suffering from the flu, respiratory infections, cancer and immune system deficiencies Anamu treatments. The Anamu herb contains many different uses and nations who’ve isolated several ailments that can be helped with the herb. Cuban herbalists create the same liquor as the Guatemalans and it is administered to cancer patients, diabetics and those in need of anti-inflammatory aid, adding to the Anamu world profile.

In an interesting inclusion to the Anamu world profile, studies have shown that Anamu has a significant impact on the decrease of blood sugar, retards the development of viruses and harmful yeasts, plus inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors. Those who suffer from chronic arthritis are also advised by herbalists to use Anamu, for it is believed to ease joint pain, a claim that has been supported by recent medical studies.

In summation, the Anamu uses have been long and varied, filled with twists and turns. As more and more studies are done on the veracity of Anamu treatments, especially for cancer sufferers, perhaps this profile can stretch even further.

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