Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects

Get the truth about Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects.  Petiveria Alliacea (Anamu), also known as Guinea Hen Weed originates from Florida and the Lower Rio Grand Valley of Texas. It also can be found in many areas South of the US-Mexico border and around the Amazon rainforest. The herb is part of the poke weed family known as garlic root due to the acidic smell of the leaves and roots.

Steve Woodmansee, a Pro Native Consulting states that Anamu was significant to Pre-Columbian groups that grew and used by many of the natives from the area. Because of his beliefs that the herb contained many healing values he used it to cure just about every medical condition he treats.

For quite some time, it’s been known as the Guinea Hen Weed Cancer Cure.  This herb contains properties that help fight different types of cancer. It helps boost immune systems, reduces fever, anxiety, spasms and reduces pain. It is also known to help kill fungi, Candid, viruses, leukemia cells and cancer cells. The herb is used by Brazilians to treat snakebites and arrow poisoning. Lowering blood sugar, increasing urination and perspiration are also things the herb is used for. It is also used as an aphrodisiac in a drink known as mama Juana.

Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects

The Anamu herb is among the healing plants with multiple functions that are used by many countries for multiple medical reasons. It is cautioned that due to the strength of this plant you must be careful with how much you use to avoid the unnecessary Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects. It can be ingested, made into a poultice and breathed in depending on the medical need. Along with medical use it is also used in herbal baths against witchcraft by Indians and jungle healers. The herbs were also incorporated into the magical rituals where the root was believed to be more powerful than the actual leaves.

Cautions for Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects

Along with the positive uses of the herb, there are Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects that should also be taken into consideration before you considering using it. The herb should not be used if you are pregnant or wish to become so due to stimulating uterine contractions which may lead to aborting the baby. Another factor is that it works as a blood thinner may cause complications if you have a blood disorder.

There are also warnings in regards to Guinea Hen Weed and Diabetes with raising or lowering blood sugar. Therefore people with diabetes or hypoglycemia should first check with their healthcare practitioner before using Anamu. Due to the natural coumarin found within the herb, it may give the potential side effects of Warfarin also known as Coumadin.

Know the Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects

Other than what is listed, there doesn’t appear to be any other side effects from using Anamu. This does not mean that you won’t have a reaction that is not listed. Individuals react to different chemicals in many ways. Therefore, you always want to maintain caution when trying a new medication and be aware if something feels off or you have difficulty breathing or end up breaking out.

Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects Considerations

Keeping in touch with your physician and making sure they know all the medications you are taking and other medical conditions you may have. This will help prevent giving you a combination of medicines that could act adversely with your conditions if you are taking Anamu. Besides the Guinea Hen Weed Side Effects, make sure your you read the Guinea Hen Weed Benefits.

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