You Guessed It! Guinea Hen Weed And HIV!

The Miraculous Results of Guinea Hen Weed And HIV

Guinea Hen Weed and HIVThere is a LOT of buzz going around concerning this potent herb. It has been getting the attention not just from the general public but also from researchers of major universities and research institutions. What are some of the things that are demanding such attention? There’s been a consistent unfolding of the uncontested power of this super-herb in worldwide studies. It’s been found to have chemicals that will destroy cancer cells, combat the HIV/AIDS virus and powerfully increase your immune system.

Recent News on Guinea Hen Weed and HIV

The great discoveries of this miraculous medicinal herb seems to keep on piping in!  The more research and studies done, the more we discover its vastness. In recent news, studies have shown the potency of this herb against the deadly HIV / AIDS virus.  So far, this miracle plant has been known to treat more than 70 illnesses!

The Jamaica Observer News site has reported the following on Guinea Hen Weed and HIV:

Dr Lowe and his team recently discovered that proprietary extracts, from Guinea Hen Weed and Dibenzyl Trisulfide (a major chemical constituent), from the Jamaican variety of Guinea Hen Weed, have significantly inhibited the survival of the HIV virus.

“Even though these findings are still at the early stages of development, they show extremely promising potential, which could also impact the treatment of other viral diseases,’ Dr Lowe stated.

 We’ll continue to post all research updates on Guinea Hen Weed and HIV.

Visit the Jamaica Observer site for more information.

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