Guinea Hen Weed Tea

Commonly found in South America, Cuba and the Caribbean, Guinea Hen Weed uses have a lengthy and interesting history of medicinal purposes, and in more extreme cases, as a means to induce an abortion. The herb can then be used to make a soothing beverage.

Guinea Hen Weed Tea

Guinea Hen Weed Tea is becoming increasingly popular among cancer patients who have been told by their doctor there is nothing more that can be done. The tea is made with an extract taken from the stems and leaves of the plant. Those who plan to use the tea to treat medical conditions are warned that the tea alone is not a cure. It should be used in conjunction with proper nutrition, rest, supplements, and acid detox. The tea is optimally consumed on an empty stomach.

Guinea Hen Weed Plant has been known to have positive effects when used by cancer patients, in addition to a variety of other ailments, such as inflamed joints, rheumatism, weakened immune system and arthritis. Studies have shown that use of the herb tea increases the body’s production of interleukin and interferon, which are naturally produced by the immune system and help the body fight off harmful acids that directly cause cancer.

Guinea Hen Weed Tea Fights Diseases

Guinea Hen Weed Tea also lowers the amount of glucose in the blood, enabling your immune system’s ability to fight disease. It has proven by medical professionals to have a bolstering effect on the immune system by speeding up the production of lymphocytes. These, as well as the body’s natural disease killing cells, are both aided by the use of the tea.

The tea also decreased the body’s risk for infections. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and fungi. This occurs when the herbal compounds infiltrate the bloodstream and refuse to allow your normal, healthy cells to be transformed into sickly, dangerous ones.

Guinea Hen Weed Tea Relieves Pain

When used for relief of rheumatism or arthritis, Guinea Hen Weed Tea provides pain relief for the user by reducing the levels of harmful acid build up within the body. High levels of metabolic and dietary acids can contribute to the increase of pain. Medical studies have shown that the tea is able to reduce those levels. If patients do not wish to consume the tea or have trouble swallowing, the herb can also be used on the skin by being topically applied.

Guinea Hen Weed Tea Considerations

Be forewarned that the tea is not a magic elixir. There can be complications from consumption, so solicit the option of your preferred medical professional before use. Guinea hen weed tea will not work on its own. A healthy lifestyle, diet and application in conjunction with more traditional forms of medication may make a world of difference. Here we have found resources to buy Guinea Hen Weed Tea bags.  Guinea Hen Weed dosage information in its various forms will usually be on its packaging labels.

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