Anamu Tea

Anamu Tea is one of the leading herbal teas that is used for its therapeutic properties. It has a garlic like smell and is used all over the world by many cultures. Anamu (Guinea Hen Weed), unlike some other herbal plants, can be used in its entirety. The Anamu’s leaves, flowers and roots all contain healing power.

The Anamu Tea plant is considered a tropical plant. It can be commonly found, within the United States, in the states of Texas and Florida. Anamu Tea plant can be found outside of the United States in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Amazon rainforest, Jamaica and Africa.

Anamu Tea Benefits

Anamu Tea is made up of many compounds that has beneficial qualities available through its strong antioxidants. The Anamu Tea plant can be used dried and brewed as a tea or the fresh leaves can be simply chewed.

The Anamu leaves and roots are the parts of the Anamu plant that are utilized to make the tea. The Anamu Tea is used for purposes that help subside headaches, reduce pain, relax muscle spasms, and controls fever. Anamu Tea is also known as a muscle relaxer, calming the nerves.

Anamu Tea benefits have a long history of being known as a warrior against physical health conditions and illnesses associated with the immune system, the digestive system, to cure infections, diabetes and relieve sinus allergies. The most physical health conditions and illnesses that the Anamu tea is renowned for is remedying cancer, arthritis and muscular pain.

Anamu Tea Fights Diseases

Anamu natural herbal Tea has a strong fighting compound against such illnesses called dibenzyl trisulfide. Dibenzyl trisulfide, together with the natural biological compounds of the Anamu Tea Plant: triterpenes, sulphur, steroids and flavonoids, the Anamu Tea Plant aids in the treatment and prevention of cancer. Anamu Teas stimulates the development of normal cells and eliminating the cancerous cells while stimulating substance within the body to acting as a defense against cancer fighting cells and infections. The Anamu cancer fighting properties have been well documented by scientists worldwide.

Anamu Tea, through the compound of dibenzyl trisulfide, promotes detoxification through urination and releases toxins that would otherwise cause oxidative overload to the body.

Anamu Tea’s use has been validated through clinical research for its properties in subsiding anti-inflammatory and pain inflicting agents.

Anamu Tea Considerations

Anamu Tea is not recommended for women who are pregnant or believe that they are pregnant. The herb stimulates the urinary tract system causing it to have frequent urination and contractions which can result in a pregnant women aborting.

Anamu Tea also is not recommended for persons who have a blood disease or blood disorder. If you have a blood disease or blood disorder, it is strongly recommended that you speak to your health care provider before beginning Anamu tea or any supplement that contains Anamu tea as an ingredient, as it may have an adverse effect.

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