Angelina Jolie, Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks Wife), Taylor Swifts Mom Battles Cancer

The war on Cancer has been a battle for ages.  More and more celebrities are becoming advocates for Cancer awareness.  Every day we are hearing about “new” progress on fighting #Cancer.  Yet, it’s been hit or miss; Some make it and some don’t.  Chemotherapy alternatives have been the hope of many.  The rich and the poor face many of the same options.  The more popular available options for those who can handle out-of-pocket costs become very expensive alternatives.

Without question, a natural alternative approach would provide the best long term health outcome. Are we really paying attention to the natural options available?  I know that in Jamaica for example, I’ve heard of people there getting rid of cancer like a common Cold or Flu.  The use Guinea Hen Weed to naturally cure themselves.  This is something that happens all around us on a regular basis globally.

In one country, one particular natural cure may be dominant.  In another country, a different natural cure may be popular.  It’s the norm for them to use a bush or plant in the form of a tea to renew their health.  Why is it that this information is not centralized globally?  I have my theories on this. It’s not right or fair to those suffering.  It is wrong to intentionally have people suffer in their health for others to gain wealth.

We’ve heard many times before about celebrities having access to things that most of us don’t.

The equilibrium of great health comes down to knowledge – Not Money or Fame!

Celebrity cancer survivors : World Cancer Day 2015

Celebrity cancer survivors : World Cancer Day 2015 World Cancer Day 2015 will take a positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer…