Anamu Extract

Anamu ExtractThe benefits of Anamu extract are multi-fold. The natural substance is known to reduce pain and inflammation, and is commonly used to treat colds and flus. Additionally, many clinical studies are being conducted to examine the potential of Anamu (Petiveria Alliacea or Guinea Hen Weed) to fight bacteria, fungus, tumors, and cancerous cells.

Anamu extract is extracted from a plant that grows in tropical areas of South and Central America, common in Peru, Guatemala, and throughout the Amazon. Its technical name is Petiveria Alliacea. The Anamu plant is a herbaceous perennial that grows up to 1 meter tall and has deep roots. The Anamu herb is known for its potent garlicky smell. It has green leafs and small green and white flowers at the top. Anamu is a member of the pokeweed family.

Anamu Extract Background

Indigenous communities in South and Central America have long used the Anamu plant for medicinal and religious or magical reasons. Different parts of the plant are used for different treatments. Most commonly an infusion or tea is made with the leaves to reduce pain and inflammation. But the plant can also be turned into a powder to be swallowed or smoked and inhaled.

Anamu Extract Benefits

The Anamu extract benefits for the native populations are now more commonly available for people looking for natural remedies to common ailments. Many people prefer using plant based substances over those synthetically developed through human intervention. As a medicine, this plant offers a sustainable and cleaner way to treat common problems, and potentially help with very serious diseases.

Anamu Extract and Pain

Anybody suffering from arthritis knows that the anti-inflammation benefits and Anamu extract could be of large difference in quality of life. The inflammation of bone joints that causes arthritis can be painful and even crippling. Arthritis keeps otherwise healthy and active people from enjoying the activities they love to do such as playing sports, gardening, drawing, etc.

Anamu goes by other names depending on what region of growth you are in. It is also commonly referred to guinea henweed and mucura. The Anamu extract exhibits benefits for both humans and animals, with the roots being used for anti-tick treatment for cattle. Grazing animals that eat the Anamu plant are said to have a unique garlicky flavor of ilk and by-products.

Anamu Extract Across the World

The plants of Central and South America are increasingly being used by populations outside of those regions to naturally treat and heal themselves. Additionally clinical research centers in universities and pharmaceutical companies are researching the plants that native populations have long known to use and be beneficial to see how their benefits could benefit people around the globe. The Anamu extract commonly comes in powdered and liquid form that can be added to teas and other drinks or food (think of garlic powder!) Additionally seeds can be purchased to grow the plant at home if the climate can support.

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