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Anamu Benefits – All the facts!

Anamu (Petiveria Alliacea), a tropical perennial found in the tropical forests of Central and South America, Africa, and the Carribean, has many healing properties. It is often called the Garlic Weed because it has a distinct garlicky odor.

Some of the main Anamu benefits medicinally include:

  • Anamu reduces both inflammation and pain, making it a great alternative to over the counter pain relievers.
  • It has antimicrobial properties, so it can kill bacteria and/or viruses. In addition, it is often used to combat fungi, such as the kind that causes athlete’s foot.
  • It may kill cancer and/or leukemia cells.
  • Anamu is also used to relax the individual, stop muscle spasms and control issues with blood sugar levels.
  • Anamu is effective in controlling yeast infections.
  • It is also used to cleanse the body of parasites.

Anamu Benefits in Your System

The chemicals that balance Anamu benefits include compounds of sulfur, triterpenes, flavonoids, and steroids. Researchers claim that the unique qualities that these natural plant chemicals produce help destroy cells that grow into tumors or leukemia.

Over the years, Anamu benefits have been use to treat rheumatism and arthritis. A study in Sweden, for example, showed that because cyclooxygenase-1 is present in the plant, it does help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. Other studies have used the medicinal herb to treat rats and saw significant results.

Anamu Benefits to Consider

For people suffering from yeast infections or illnesses related to viruses or bacteria, Anamu benefits may be significant. There is evidence that the herb cured the bovine diarrhea virus in a 2002 report. The most effective medical concoctions are tinctures made with alcohol. These are liquid forms of the medicine that involve soaking the whole plant in 100 proof Vodka for at least 6 weeks to extract the medicinal benefits of the herb. The longer the plant sits in the alcohol, (up to ten weeks), the stronger it will be and the more likely positive results will take place when using it.

Anamu Benefits Extracts

Water based extractions, (such as adding the parts of the Anamu plant to a tea) are not as effective as the alcohol extraction, but it is an immediate way to access Anamu benefits when the other is not available.

Anamu Benefits For Diseases

Many have seen miraculous result by taking Anamu for cancer. The claim that Anamu benefits also include curbing the effects of diabetes, is not widely embraced. At the same time, in 1990, it was discovered that when mice were given the herb, within one hour, their blood sugar levels dropped significantly.

Anytime a person tries an herbal medication there are many things to consider, including what it is known to do and what to expect. Anamu health benefits can help curb pain, inflammation and help cure a variety of infectious bacteria and viruses. The only way to really know how this herb will benefit you is to try it out. As with any new product, you may wish to seek the advice of your health provider to make sure that this is a good choice for you.

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Anamu – What You Should Know

Anamu is an herb that can be taken as a health supplement. It can provide you with a variety of health benefits, making it a preferable that you can even grow yourself.

Native to the Amazon forest and other tropical areas, Anamu is most commonly known as a garlic root.

This herb is a member of the pokeweed family that has a distinct, acrid odor which comes from its roots and leaves.

Anamu Growth

The perennial shrub is grown indoors, using either greenhouse or cooler zones. They are also grown outdoors, but only within certain agricultural zones in the United States and various other countries.

The Anamu shrub should be kept moist, with no time to become dry. Misting the plant daily is a necessary task, as well as keeping in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight.

Anamu’s Characteristics

This deeply rooted shrub can grow up to three feet. Its characteristics contain white flowers that appear on thin spikes with leaves that are textured like leather.

What does Anamu do?

Anamu has a variety of different uses. Anamu has been identified as only one of the 34 plants that is capable of fighting cancer.

The herb is also capable of boosting one’s immune system, reducing pain, fever, and anxiety. The herb can also kill fungi, as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungus cells. It’s been known to even treat venomous snake bites.

In addition to medicinal usage, Anamu is also used as a bat and insect repellent.

The Health Benefits of Anamu

It contains what is known as Tannins. This is an antioxidant found in many fruits and berries, which are known to be resistant against swelling and redness. Dibenzyl Trisulfide is also a unique, sulfuric ingredient found in Anamu.

The antioxidant compound also helps the reduction of oxidative damage and has been beneficial to the process of detoxification.

Many different cultures have utilized the content in Anamu as a resource to remedy poor health conditions, supporting the immune system in the process.

Back pain, joint pain, and inflammation issues have also been known to significantly reduce just from taking the Anamu supplement.

Taking Anamu

The recommended dosage when taking Anamu (a supplement in the form of pills) is 1 capsule with a meal, three times a day. So, consistently take the supplement daily with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Precautions for Taking Anamu

Women who are pregnant (or trying) should not take the Anamu herb. There have been some studies which show that Anamu can result in the simulation of uterine contractions.

If you have blood disorders, taking Anamu can result in a blood thinning effect. It’s recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider when considering any kind of herbal supplement.


Anamu is a beneficial herb that can support your health system. And if you’re not an herbal farmer you can easily purchase it in herbal stores or buy online.

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