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Anamu and Cancer

Anamu and CancerOnly reaching three feet in height, this deeply rooted, perennial shrub can destroy cancer cells. What is this shrub you say? It’s called Anamu. Anamu and cancer research has shown very promising results. It was one of the plants found in only 34 others containing active properties against cancer. Yes, Anamu, this three foot tall shrub has properties to destroy cancer cells. The plant itself is quite pretty. It is adorned with little light green-whitish colored flowers that poke up on thin spikes atop dark green, leather-like leaves. Although the sight of the plant is pleasant, it has a garlic scent to it. So if you do not enjoy garlic, I don’t believe you will be too fond of the odor Anamu gives off.

It is native to the tropical regions of the western hemisphere, however; Anamu has been successfully transplanted to African countries such as Benin, Nigeria, and India as well. You can also find it in places like Texas, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean.

While Brazilians call this botanical Anamu, the Peruvian people call it Mucura and the English people refer to it as garlic guinea weed. Whatever the name, this herb has many powerful traits.

Anamu and Cancer Healing

The Anamu herb, what it may lack in size, makes up for in healing and medicinal properties and is used by many herbal enthusiasts worldwide. This herb’s leaves give a boost to the immune system along with reducing pain, fever, spasms and anxiety. Along with destroying cancer and leukemia cells, Anamu also kills viruses, candida, fungi, and bacteria.

Anamu and Cancer Fighting Properties

More on the extraordinary use of Anamu and cancer treatments, it has been found to contain biologically active compounds such as flavonoids, steroids, sulphur compounds and triterpenes. Accompanying those, are two phytochemicals, astilbin and dibenzyl trisulphide. Astibil and dibenzyl trisulphide have been shown to directly destroy cancer cells. This study has also shown that these two properties are able to distinguish between normal cells and cancer cells, targeting only the cancerous ones.

Anamu and Cancer Cells

Not only is Anamu essential for the killing cancer cells, it is an important part of pain relief for cancer patients and also helps prevent infection which doctors have said play a major part in several cancers. The substances that increase the immune system, increases the production of powerful cancer-destroying agents as well.

Anamu and Cancer Treatments

The research of Anamu and cancer has been known to be combined with the conventional cancer treatments. One form of intake can be a tea using only the organically grown, insecticide, herbicide and pollution free version of the herb. The entire plant including the stem, leaves and roots are finely chopped or powdered. Taking a large tea spoon of the chopped or powdered herb , you diffuse it in one liter of hot water and drink a half cup twice daily. If you are into natural remedies, this may be a great solution for you.

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Anamu Cancer Cure – The Truth!

There’s a lot of trending buzz surrounding the Anamu Cancer cure. The Anamu cancer cure has been a major area of research by scientists worldwide.  The Anamu herb has been long said to cure cancer by many across the world where the plant grows.  Certain tropical plants have long been hailed for the medicinal qualities in the world of alternative medicine. While scientists haven’t done the proper studies to corroborate these claims, many feel that it is only a matter of time before Anamu comes to prominence as an alternative cancer treatment. Anamu is a small shrub that grows without a wooden stem, and is herbaceous in nature. Primarily Anamu is found in the rain forests of the Amazon, parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America. Although many believe Anamu has healing powers, namely that Anamu cures cancer, do not use it without consulting a medical professional first.

Anamu Cancer Cure Alternative

Its roots and leaves have been lauded for their healing properties for a variety of ailments, including inflammation and infection. Native Americans, in addition to medicinal uses for the stoppage of decaying teeth, also use Anamu in tribe rituals. In Central and South American countries, Anamu is believed to have the ability to bolster the immune system and prevents routine illnesses, such as cold and flu.

Large doses of Anamu have shown some positive effects on the treatment of cancer. This is where the belief that Anamu cures cancer began to spring from. In South American nations, it has been used on leukemia patients and breast cancer patients.

Anamu Cancer Cure Cases

There is still much testing to be done, for there are doubts about the treatment’s veracity and sample size, but researchers are encouraged by the results delivered by an Anamu alcohol extract, utilizing the herb’s stems and leaves. A study done in 2008 showed that the extract, when used on cancer patients, was able to slow the growth of cancerous cells, effectively showing that Anamu cures cancer.

Anamu and Cancer Cells

Medical sources in Venezuela and Colombia believe they have evidence that Anamu cures cancer, as well, namely, pancreatic cancer. Anamu cures cancer by scrambling the cells and forcing them into an unorganized state. The key to its ability to reduce the growth of cancerous cells is its innate ability to differentiate between healthy cells and harmful cells, strictly attacking the cancer cells. It also promotes the growth of the body’s own natural cancer killing cells to aid the immune system in its battle.

Anamu Cancer Cure Insights

Scientists have discovered that the chemical compound of Anamu is very similar to the chemical compound of garlic, another herb known to have medicinal properties.

There are certain drawbacks, as the possibility Anamu cures cancer can be outweighed by the uterine complications. Pregnant women are recommended not to use it. Any patients with blood thinning disorders are also told to steer clear, as it contains coumadin, known to thin blood.

As time passes and more medical knowledge is gathered to verify that the Anamu cancer cure alternative, perhaps it will become a more common prescription in North America and not just the countries where it is indigenous.

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